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CloudConsult is your TAS-seasoned expert inside the technology marketplace. We can help you research, select and implement the best technology solutions available. We partner with Cloud Tech Gurus and their team of over 150 solution experts and providers. Whatever your question; whatever your need – CloudConsult and Cloud Tech Gurus can help you make the right connection!

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Cloud Platform Solutions

Your TAS solution truly in the cloud - using browser-based agents, with no soft phone needed. Deploy agents on PCs, Macbooks or chromebooks. Cloud offers the highest level of redundancy and flexibility frees you from the limits of premise solutions.

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Scripting and Dispatch

Powerful, flexible TAS - proven workflows with if/then conditional branching. Dispatching to individuals and groups using pre-built contact schedules and escalation protocols and OnCall schedules.

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Robust Reporting / Business Intelligence

Traffic and Agent reporting, standard or custom, and the ability to email reports to supervisors or clients. Business Intelligence (BI) tools available for deeper, enhanced reporting needs.

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Remote Agents 

With agents migrating more and more to at-home offices, contact centers must engineer robust and compliant remote solutions, and use new tools to monitor and support valued agents.

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OMNI Channel, including Web Chat and Social Media Channels

Single pane of glass for your agents to handle two-way email and SMS, web chat, social media channels and more!

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Speech Analytics for QA

Run your calls through AI powered analytics tools, and create client, vertical and association - based filters to grade calls on your compliance thresholds. Frees your QA experts to focus on only the variant calls so they can focus on training and upskilling agents.

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HIPAA / PCI / GDPR Compliance

Solutions that are third-party certified to give you the security assurances you require.

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CRM Integrations 

Integrations available into any CRM that has published APIs, via our professional services team.

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Billing Reports/Billing 

Software Integrations  Integrate with the most popular TAS billing software available, or have our professional services team build an integration with your billing platform of choice.

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Highly redundant solutions available via Google or AWS cloud, and the ability to deploy agents from home in case of power / internet outages or natural disaster emergencies.

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Translation (Speech and Text)

Translation via speech channels or text channels (email, SMS, webchat) that expand the reach of your call center.

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Workforce Management

Optimize your team’s productivity and ensure you have the right agents with the right skills available when needed.

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AI & BOTs for TAS

Powerful automation tools that increase efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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