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Our consulting services can appraise your operation and suggest ways to make your site even more efficient and profitable.


Accessing a vast technology marketplace of sales engineers and subject matter experts that are not available to individual customers,  we filter through all of the powerful solutions in the contact center arena to bring back just the right tools that can give your contact center a higher level of service and a sustainable competitive advantage.


We help you eliminate the hype surrounding  the marketing buzzwords of “AI, BOTs, and Disruptive  Technology” and provide a practical, step-by-step roadmap to future-proof  your business .

Our Goal:

· Understand  your vison

· Uncover additional revenue opportunities / reduce labor

· Help plan a sustainable competitive advantage for the present and future

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The Proven Process

The CloudConsult team will conduct a thorough review of your contact center by providing you and your team with a detailed discovery document to complete.

Armed with the information from that document, we'll meet again to perform a Strengths / Weaknesses / Opportunities / Threats (SWOT) analysis.

Following that, CloudConsult will analyze the discovery document and SWOT analysis and will present recommendations for a step-by-step roadmap for present and immediate/ long-term future success.

In addition, our team will schedule (4) Quarterly calls to follow up on the agreed on initiatives, update on new product information, revise and update future initiatives.
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Thorough review of your current center’s status​​​

​​​​Simple, expert explanation of A.I and what it means for your business​​

Recommendations for reducing agent labor using automation

​​​Comprehensive update on available technology / future opportunities for TAS


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​​​​Full Strengths/Weaknesses/Opportunities/Threats (SWOT) analysis​

​​​Introduction to new available verticals to expand your services​​​

Step-by-Step roadmap to advance your contact center into the future

​​​(4) Quarterly review calls to track roadmap progress and update on latest technology advances/opportunities


NEW! Contact Center Marketing Content

Marketing additional services to current customers can be challenging if your marketing department is stretched thin.​

Reaching out to NEW prospects with added services can be even more challenging!

CloudConsult can help. With a team of marketing and copy experts, we can quick-start your marketing campaigns and help you drive new revenue.

We've created templates that you can use for various marketing campaigns: Brochures, Email and Social Media campaigns, and even tri-folds to take to shows and events.

We'll copy your color palette, use your contact information, link your PDFs back to your website, and affix your logo.

If you need to get your marketing initiatives off the ground quickly, CloudConsult can help!

Marketing Content for Contact Centers—

Branded with your logo/Color Palette/Contact Information

CloudConsult provides the copy and templates for:

· Brochures

· Email  campaigns  - (3) step email cadence

· Website content

· LinkedIn and Social Media (3) step cadence


Available for these opportunities and more:

· Appointment setting/Confirmation

· Sales Leads follow up/ appointment setting

· Mass Notification via voice / email / SMS text

- Outbound Dialing campaigns - Sales follow up/ Surveys

· CRM Integrations - Salesforce / Hubspot /  Zendesk. etc.        

· Webchat / BOTs / AI Bots

· In and outbound IVR campaigns

· In and outbound email campaigns

· In and outbound SMS campaigns

· Web click and callback icons on websites

· Internet of Things (IoT) coverage                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

· Surveys /Polls

· Employee Check–In Lines

· Translation services

· Transcription services​​

            ...and much more!

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To receive a Comprehensive Consulting Prospectus Template , please fill our our request form.

To schedule a 15 minute call, please click the cloud below.

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