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SingleComm Webinar Recordings
Focusing specifically on the
Telephone Answering Service Industry


CloudConsult is proud to partner with SingleComm, the only cloud based TAS Platform meeting the unique requirements of the Telephone Answering Service and Receptionist services market.

SingleComm is also the single TAS platform that includes Scripting, Dispatch, Voice, Omni channel and Business Intelligence (BI) tools all in one platform.


Agent pricing for concurrent voice agents

Voice only - $200 per month per agent

Agent pricing for concurrent voice and omni channel agents Voice and Omni - $225 per month per agent

Omni Channel includes 2-way SMS (for outbound campaigns), 2-way email, web chat with BOTS, auto responses and escalations, social media channels and messaging channels.

Also, SingleComm's Business Intelligence (BI) reporting tools report on all omni channel activity, so that you can accurately bill your clients.

The SingleComm platform meets rigorous PCI, SOC-2 and HIPAA requirements.

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SingleComm Platform Overview
Overview of SingleComm's Cloud Contact Center as a Service platform, with special emphasis on:

  • TAS scripting and dispatch features

  • Cloud architecture, WebRTC, deploy agents on PC, Apple, Chromebook

  • Reporting, Business Intelligence and analytics tools.

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Scripting for TAS Deep Dive

  • Drag-and-drop quick build tools

  • Building scripts/script templates

  • formatting and validating name, phone #, postal code fields

  • postal code auto-enter city and State AND Google address autofill

  • directories to import name/address/phone right into the script fields

  • ease of CRM integrations

  • ability to run reports on all fields in your scripts (!)

  • hide/reveal fields based on call flow, keeping workspace uncluttered

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Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools

  • Custom report building without the need for professional services and SQL programmers

  • Reporting on call traffic AND reporting on all the fields in your agent scripts

  • Auto delivery of reports in Excel, .csv and visual charts/graphs

  • reporting on dispatch and message acknowledgement

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QA Scorecards and Blended Agents

  • Customizable QA Scorecards for TAS

  • Scorecards by site, by vertical and by customer

  • Filter audits to query new agent performance and/or by % of calls per agent/per month

  • Deep, detailed reporting on agent performance that can be pushed to custom dashboards

  • Stereo call recordings that can be pushed to any AI-powered Speech Analytics platform

PLUS - SingleComm's dialer can deliver outbound calls and scripts (for appointment setting, reminder campaigns, etc.) to agents during slow times, ensuring a steady stream of revenue for your site.

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SingleComm Intelligent IVR

  • Route calls via DTMF or spoken language

  • IVR is both text-to-speech, speech-to-text enabled

  • Data dips into CRMs, database lookups populate the agent script

  • Gather values from callers and insert them directly into script

  • Outbound database integration enables data updates right from IVR

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API, CRM and Database Integrations

Webinar to be scheduled soon

OMNI Channels for TAS

Webinar to be scheduled soon

Migration Tools

Webinar to be scheduled soon

SingleComm Webinar Recordings

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