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Speech Analytics

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What is
Speech Analytics?

Speech analytics is the process of analyzing voice recordings using speech recognition

software that provides data to score agent performance. Speech analytics software identifies words and analyzes audio patterns to detect emotions and stress in a speaker's voice. Post-call speech analytics often starts with the transcription of calls into searchable, 

actionable data. The results are indexed and searchable via a query engine and can be viewed via dashboards and generated into reports to help users analyze results.  

Why is it important?

Quality Assurance managers are often the most experienced and best trained members of the call center team. Currently, they are tasked with listening to and scoring a small number of random calls per agent to monitor performance and offer upskilling. Speech analytics tools can dramatically increase the number of agent conversations reviewed, delivering just the best/worst calls scored per agent, allowing QA managers to listen to and train on the calls that yield the interactions that can best be used to upskill agents. 

More about Speech Analytics

Sample a larger percentage of your calls

How many calls per agent does your QA team look at per week/month? Speech Analytics allows you to dramatically increase the number of agent calls analyzed per month. For example, if an average call (talk time) lasts 2 to 2.5 minutes, you could examine roughly 250 calls per day, for $25 per day. 

Save key staff's time

QA staff manually listening to calls spend roughly 80% of their time listening to call recordings, and 20% of their time training/upskilling agents. That ratio is reversed using speech analytics – they can spend 20% of their time searching for and listening to the outlier calls (good/poor) and the other 80% training agents. 

Additional Speech Analytics Tools

  • Transcription tools – each side (agent/client) of the conversation is transcribed, offering more training tools. 

  • Fast-Forward to teachable moments via highlighted areas of the text instead of scrolling through the whole call. 

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools capture sentiment (happy/sad, upset, etc.) and highlight where the conversations turned for additional training opportunities. 

  • Wash the call through multiple filters at no extra cost! Example: you can build a filter for your answering service standards, another for a vertical (Funeral Homes) and even another for a particular client (AAA Funeral homes) and run the same call through three different filters as part of multiple QA initiatives. 

Remote Worker Compliance

Speech Analytics tools offer the perfect tool to monitor remote agent performance, to ensure that inhouse and remote agent standards are consistent. 

Speech Analytics Special Package for TAS 

Call Journey, in partnership with CloudConsult, has created an exclusive Speech Analytics package for the TAS market.

300 hours per month (18,000 minutes) for $750. That enables you to process about 200 calls per day, 6,000 calls per month for calls averaging 3 minutes. Create filters for your specific site's call standards, or for specific verticals or customers. Run the same call through multiple filters - no extra charge!

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