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Omni Channel, Web Chat, Social Media

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What is Omni Channel?

Omni Channel  communications includes all the ways a customer/client can come into the contact center. Traditionally, clients had to call into the center in order to ask questions, leave messages, set appointments, etc. With the advent of smart phones, clients have been empowered to communicate via voice, SMS, web chat, email and messaging channels (Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp) and social channels (Twitter, Instagram, etc.) These non-voice channels are also defined as "Digital" channels.

Why is it important?

Consider these statistics:

90% of Gen Z ( age 10-24) use digital channels as their channel of choice, with only 10% choosing voice.

84% of Millennials ( age 25-40) prefer digital channels, with only 16% preferring voice.

•Nearly half of GenX (age 41-56) (49%) prefer digital channels as their channel of choice. The other half prefer voice but their numbers are diminishing.

75% of callers between the age of 10 and 56 PREFER the option to text, SMS, email, etc. INSTEAD of calling!

•Only Boomers (age 57 and older) may still opt for voice over digital—and that’s rapidly changing.

More about OMNI Channels

Digital (OMNI) Channels can be triaged

Rules and filters can be set up to look at subject lines or content and automate responses, escalate SLA's or invoke on-call schedules to be opened, searched, and messages dispatched.

Digital Channels are Asynchronous

Emails, texts, web chats and social media posts can be addressed immediately or with more flexible SLAs, so your agents can more efficiently handle traffic volume form all the different digital channels

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