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Remote Agent Solutions

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What are Remote Agent Solutions?

Remote agents connect to the contact center from remote, mostly home, locations. Working remotely offers many advantages to the contact center and agent but presents unique challenges as well. Agents, and supervisors, appreciate the flexibility of bringing agents online quickly and for short shifts to handle high volume call periods. Remote agents are also an essential part of resiliency planning. If the answering service loses power or internet connectivity, or suffers a serious weather event, agents can log on from anywhere with an internet connectivity, assuring that your site continues to deliver essential services during critical times. Deploying, managing, and keeping the business secure using remote agents does require additional tools, however.

Why is it important?

With the agents becoming accustomed to working from home, contact centers need to navigate how to support valued agents and manage them successfully.

More about Remote Agents

Deploying Agents via web-based cloud platforms

Deploying remote agents via while on a cloud based, web environment offers many advantages. Agents can log onto the platform without expensive and unwieldy VPNs and Remote Desktop software.

Web Agents can use Chromebooks and Apple computers 

Because agents connect to voice via WebRTC, they won’t need a softphone app loaded onto their computer. The good news? Agents can use any device that has a connection to the internet to answer and process calls - PCs, Chromebooks, Apple computers – even their mobile phones!

CCaaS tools to monitor home agent's connectivity /productivity

Many cloud providers provide monitoring tools for remote agents. They provide connectivity statistics as well as real time dashboards and gamification tools to keep agents engaged and productive.

Remote Agent Compliance

There are many CCaaS tools to monitor agent activity - Screen recording capture, recordings, Speech analytics tools dashboards are just a few. These tools assist in maintaining HIPAA, PCI and GDPR Compliance. 

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