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Scripting and Dispatch

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What is Scripting and Dispatch ? 

Scripting software “reads” the incoming call and presents the agent with the unique account associated with client’s phone number. Agents take the required information, which is formatted and sent (dispatched) to the client. Dispatch software automates the method of delivery (SMS, email, etc.) and even sends the message to multiple contacts as a group dispatch.

Why is it important?

Answering service agents handle calls for a very wide variety of clients, - plumbers, doctors, lawyers – each with vastly different call handling requirements. Scripting software presents an easy-to-follow workflow that allows agents to move through each engagement simply by asking the questions presented. Training agents becomes much easier, as they don’t need to memorize each account – they simply follow the logical script.

More about Scripting & Dispatch

Programming made simple

Powerful scripting solutions need to be simple for non-technical programmers.

  • Templates – section templates (First and Last Name, email with validation, formatted phone number field, autofill city/state by zip code, Google Address Autocomplete) that can be dragged onto the script greatly speeds up script building.

  • Script Templates – build and re-use templates for each of your client verticals.

  • Drag and Drop – insert radio buttons, pick lists and multi-select lists, making information gathering simple and error-free.

Assisting Agents

  • Search customer information in CRMs or databases by the caller’s phone number and auto-populate Name/Address/email fields. Result? Looks more professional, reduces agent errors, speeds customer experience.

  • Section and Vertical templates that give agents a consistent look and feel help them master accounts more quickly with better accuracy.

  • Hide/Reveal sections based on the answers to previous questions, revealing additional fields only when necessary.

  • Formatting and auto-fill fields increases speed and accuracy

Automated Dispatch

  • Automated time of day, day of week dispatch protocols according to client requirements

  • Automated group dispatches for teams, sending via SMS, Email, or other methods according to client’s requirements

  • Dispatch overrides with time stamps and activity tracking information

  • Automated escalation and alert procedures that ensure urgent messages are acknowledged

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